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NORB - Velcro Holster

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    Go Beyond the NORB Bag with our Velcro Holster.


    For carrying your pistol, the NORB bag is more than sufficient as it contains two individual pockets. But if you want quicker access to your firearm so that you can kick some serious ass, then you really want an Offhand Gear holster. Our holster keeps your pistol protected and includes a trigger guard to emphasize safety on the range. We currently offer two different size holsters, each made with a Velcro style hook fabric which makes it compatible with the inside pockets of the NORB! The two size holsters are designed for very different scenarios and firearms which include:

    Small Holster

    The small holster is perfect for the smaller, more compact pistols. The Sig Sauer P238 is a perfect example and works well with the badass lady who wants to be delicate but still wants to show that they’re packing all of that power.

    Large Holster

    If you want to pack more of a punch, then the large holster is perfect for the Smith & Wesson 5906 or even the Khar K9. No matter what you’re packing, this holster can handle it.

    Each holster is made from heavy duty Velcro and the inside is smooth, ensuring that your pistol will not only be easy to draw, but will also be protected. With this high-end accessory, you’re ready to bring out your inner femme fatale everywhere you go.


    • Heavy duty velcro style hook fabric all around
    • Smooth inside against pistol
    • 2 sizes to accommodate most pistols
    • Overall size 5.25" x 4.75"
    • Made in the USA




    Instructions on how to add your new holster to NORB

    Whoa, hold up sista… Leave the sleeve!
    Here’s how to make your life just a little easier
    * Position your holster and pistol (please insure your pistol is unloaded…double check) inside the NORB pistol pocket with sleeve attached, move it around, get it right where you want it.
    * Remove the sleeve
    * Apply a little pressure so that hook gets good and stuck
    and Viola… you are ready to roll
    ps: you might want to save this sleeve for any future adjustments, like a new pistol
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