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Hand Guards

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  • Unicorn 12" AR15 hand guard in custom finish by Arizona Liquid Images Unicorn 12" AR15 accessory rail in custom finish

    Unicorn Design AR15 Hand Guard / Rail


    Pictured in 4 color Cerakote option. Independent, elusive and if cornered will fight hard for it’s freedom all while being a dazzling beauty.. Unicorns sound a lot like you, and the rest of our AR15 loving, badass friends .. so, it seamed...

  • Lilly Floral AR15 Hand guard NEW GunCandy Cerakote Finish Lilly Floral AR15 hand guard in GunCandy Viper

    Lilly AR15 Hand Guard / Rail


    Pictured in GunCandy Viper Virtue, wealth, and prosperity have long been associated with the Lily. Once believed to be sprouted by Hera herself – the Queen of the mythological Greek Gods – there is perhaps no other flower as fitting for the...

  • Rose Vine 15" AR15 rifle rail in Iron Man Red Cerakote Rose Vine Ironman Red AR15 hand guard

    Rose Vine AR15 Hand Guard / Rail


    Pictured in Iron Man Red Candy Option So maybe, just maybe, you’re not an 80’s rock n’ roll girl, trying to rock that huge hairstyle (if you are, we’re not going to judge, in fact, all we can say is - You Go Girl!), but...

  • Diamond AR15 hand guard in Tiffany Blue and Crushed Silver Cerakote Diamond pattern AR15 rail accessory in tiffany blue and crushed silver Cerakote

    Diamonds AR15 Hand Guard / Rail


    Pictured in Robin Egg Blue and Crushed Silver Cerakote We have some good news for you: you don’t have to choose between diamonds and your AR when you’re choosing a best friend, because now you can have both! Our intricately designed AR15...

  • Sugar Skull AR15 hand guard close up Sugar Skull patterned AR15 hand guard full image

    Sugar Skull AR15 Hand Guard / Rail


    Shown in the Raw ready to paint option The range is the perfect place for a little sugar and sass, and you can finally show that off with our Sugar Skull AR15 handguard, which is downright sexy. Sure, the range officers might have a dismissive...

  • Mandala Lotus AR15 hand guard in Alpine Guncandy Cerakote Mandala Lotus AR15 rail in Alpine Pearl Cerakote

    Mandala Lotus AR15 Hand Guard / Rail


    Shown in GunCandy Alpine You know you’re a feminine bad ass, and while there are some days you want the world to know that, there are other days that you really don’t want to stand out. Our Mandala Lotus AR15 hand guard permits you to...

  • Skull AR15 rail 12" in Battleworn Gold Cerakote Skull 12" AR15 rifle hand guard in Battleworn Gold

    Skull Vine AR15 Hand Guard / Rail


    Pictured in Battleworn Gold Cerakote No matter what kind of woman you are, if you want to definitively convey the message that you’re an absolute badass, then you’ve come to the right place. Seriously, who wouldn’t be at least a LITTLE...

  • MOE RVG in Rose Gold Cerakote RVG Flat in rosegold

    Magpul MOE RVG Front Grip with Cerakote


    Shown in custom Rose Gold Cerakote Please put Cerakote color choice in your order notes during checkout.  When ordered with hand guard or MOE set this will be Cerakoted the same color unless otherwise stated in order notes. **Hand guards and other...

  • UAR Unique Grip UAR Unique Grip Duo

    Unique Grip


    New, unique, customizable grip conforms to YOUR size, shape, left or right handed.  This patented grip by our friends over at Unique AR's is made of a polymer material, fits any mil-spec AR platform rifle and will give you an instant fit and comfort...

  • Flat End Cap accessory for AR15 hand guards Unique AR's Flat End Cap AR15 rail accessory

    Flat Face Sprocket End Cap


    Give your OffHand Gear hand guard a clean finished look with our Flat Face end cap designed to fit perfectly with any our hand guards.  Cap comes with set screws that screw into the tac rail holes on the end of the hand guard.  Have picatinny...

  • QD Quick Detatch QD Shown mounted

    QD - Quick Detatch Base Hand Guard Accessory


    Now attaching a sling to your OffHand Gear hand guard is simple and easy with our quick detach base that mounts directly to the hand guard using one of the pre-drilled holes on the top or bottom of the hand guard.  You won't need a picatinny rail to...

  • Spike End Sproket Spike End

    Spike Sprocket End Cap


    Your hand guard may have a feminine touch to it, but don't let them be fooled.. Give your OffHand Gear hand guard a mean, bad ass look with our Spike Sprocket end cap designed to fit perfectly with any our hand guards.  Cap comes with set screws...

  • Swivel Stud Hand Guard Accessory

    Swivel Stud Hand Guard Accessory


     Looking to attach your sling to your hand guard and get a little swivel action too?  This Swivel stud is just the ticket to make that happen without the need of any picatinny rail.  Comes with two crush washers.