Range Hair, Don't Care Scoop Neck Tri-Blend Tee in Heather Grey

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  • Range Hair, Don't Care Heather Grey Tee
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Range Hair, Don't Care Loose Scoop Tri-Blend Tee in Heather Grey

You know what you look like when you step off the range after you’ve stood outside in the wind or humidity, and after you pull your ear protection off of your head? It’s not exactly the most feminine or presentable shape it could be in, but do you know what it is? It’s freaking badass. It’s the hair that says, “I’ve been out on the range and I’ve been kicking ass”. It’s a reminder to the men and women out on the firing line that you can wear the heels, you can walk the walk, and you can send some lead downrange with the best of them. Now, isn’t that a great feeling? This t-shirt totally and completely encompasses your feelings with its simple design.

It’s a tri-blend t-shirt that happens to be a great alternative to the normal 100% cotton tee. This tee is equipped with a blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon for extreme comfort. The fabric we use has what it takes to last and to help you deliver the most important message: You have range hair, and you don’t care!

  • OffHand Gear Range Hair, Don't Care graphic on front.
  • NEW Women's Fit (#USB222) Dark Heather Grey color. (Small thru XL)
  • Made in America

PLEASE NOTE: NEW STYLE - Please check size chart before ordering!



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