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OffHand Gear is the perfect brand of USA Made graphic tee's and funcitonal range gear to help get women shooters into your store. Our products are not your typical women's shooting gear with "girly" fabrics and colors thrown at them,  OffHand Gear is what women are looking for, products that are designed just for them.
One quick example of our attention to details women look for is our NORB (No Ordinary Range Bag) strap, while it resembles that of a bungee style rifle sling, it has a specific purpose; woman's shoulders are built different from men's. Wide straps normally found on gun / tactical bags fall off a woman's shoulder, ever notice how women use the opposite hand from the shoulder the bag is on to hold the strap in place? One this is uncomfortable and two if you need to act quickly to get your weapon out, good luck, it would be difficult to do without having to switch hands or the bag falling to the ground. With NORB, the strap sits in the woman's shoulder, much like a bra strap, therefore distributing the weight of the bag better and keeping your cross hand free and available. This is just one of the many freatures incorporated into the NORB (No Ordinary Range Bag), specfically for a woman's needs.
We've made a partnership easy with our quick opening order process and low minimums. Fill out the form below and together we can get started bringing the ladies that shop with you, the gear they really want!

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Sandi Keller
Owner / OffHand Gear
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