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About Us

topimagetitle-minc.png           We get that you have class, you have sass, and you’re an all-around bad-ass woman. 

We’re just like you, and we’ve spent our fair share of time sifting through poorly conceived women’s gear that was made guessed it...MEN!  You’re not a man, you don’t need men’s gear; you need something made specifically for you, made for the glorious, bad-ass woman that you are!



Back in 2012, we (actually it was just me) wanted to do our part to put a stop to this madness and created OffHand Gear to change the women’s apparel and firearm accessories landscape forever.  We have exactly what you’ve been looking for, from rangebags, to t-shirts, and even shooting mats. We get it, you’re rough, you’re tough, but your’re also all woman. How hard is that for other mainstream companies to understand?


Don’t worry, we’ve got your back so you’ll never have to wear
that pink camo again. (Unless you choose to).


Use our gear, you’re going to be classy, you’re going to be a woman, but you’re also going to be a bad-ass with a weapon, all at the same time.

It’s time to be you!