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OffHand Gear is proud to present a line of clothing, range bags, mats and AR-15 handguards made specifically for women who love firearms. We all love to indulge in the feminine lifestyle, but we also enjoy the feel of cold steel in our hand, and the smell of gunpowder – who doesn’t? We looked around and noticed that range bag manufacturers had a problem: the bags supposedly made for women were falling completely short! Here’s why: most of the bags out there were designed for men, but reupholstered with girly colors. Florals and pinks are adorable, but if the bag isn’t meeting your needs, what’s the point? It’s hard to switch between the purveyor of the feminine mystique and a badass range babe if your bag doesn’t represent the real you; a badass babe who can hang with the men at any range or competition. At OffHand Gear, we aimed to fix that and we sure did!NORBStrap.jpg

If you want an example, look no further than our NORB bag. It’s pretty badass on the outside, and on the inside, it has room and compartments for everything a woman needs at the range. The strap, in particular, is a breed of its own, comprised of a bungee type material that’s comfortable and perfect for a woman’s narrower shoulders. Typical range bag straps can slide off a women’s shoulders but not our unique bungee strap. Our strap was designed to fit IN the shoulder rather than on it, very much like a bra strap, distributing the weight just as a woman needs. Our unique strap is only one of the features that the NORB brings to the discerning female sharpshooter. No other range bag on the market can compare to ours because they were made for men. We’re all about designing products just for women who can feel confident showing up at a range while making a statement that they are a true badass babe ready for action.

Interested in selling our products? Great! When it comes to providing your women shoppers with equipment that they can really use, so many stores, online or otherwise tend to fall short. We’re sure you understand that women have needs, from lipstick to lead, and our products can easily fill the current market void. We’ve made it extremely easy to carry our products by developing a fast ordering process featuring the lowest minimums possible.

Go ahead… Fill out our OffHand Gear Dealer Application form below and bring your lady shoppers the gear they really need and have desired for so long!

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