Pre-Order FAQ

What is a Pre-Order? 

When you purchase a pre-order item, it is an order placed on an item that is in production and arriving/printing soon.

Why should I Pre-order an item?
When you Pre-Order an item it assures you that you will have "dibs" on an upcoming product and usually at an introductory price &/or bonus. Once the Pre-Order / Pre-Sale is over these special prices or bonuses will go away and the regular, stock price will take effect.  

Sometimes our Pre-order items are a special edition and only a limited number of them are put into production. Ordering during the Pre-Order / Pre-Sale event gets you in line to receive the item.

Pre-Orders are a first come, first served basis and filled in the order they were placed.  

When will my Pre-Order ship?
Usually Pre-Order items ship 2-4 weeks after the launch of the Pre-Sale event. See the item details for an approximate time frame for shipping. Please note, sometimes things happen we can't control (at times we are at the mercy of our printer and sewers schedules) and the items could ship before or after the estimated ship date.

How does my Pre-Order ship?
We typically use USPS standard shipping for all Pre-Order items. If you choose USPS Priority Mail as a shipping option, this will not speed up the time in which the item leaves OffHand Gear, but it will speed up the time it takes to get from us to you.  

What if the Pre-Order is a gift and I can't wait 2-4 weeks?
We suggest that you consider purchasing a Gift Certifcate and putting in the order notes to us the specific item and size you are wanting. If you need any help with this option please email us

Ordering a Pre-Order item & In-Stock items?

In an effort to minimize costs we ship all the items in your order together. If you wish to have the In-Stock items of your order to ship right away and separate from the Pre-order item(s), please place 2 separate orders. 

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!