Mandala Lotus hand guard and MOE set in Gun Candy Indigo Montoya

Mandala Lotus AR15 Hand Guard / Rail

In stock items (Raw Finish) typically ship in 1-2 business days. Please see below for Cerakote lead times.
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  • Product Description

    Shown in Indigo Montoya

    You know you’re a feminine bad ass, and while there are some days you want the world to know that, there are other days that you really don’t want to stand out. Our Mandala Lotus AR15 hand guard permits you to express your femininity in an outstanding yet subtle way. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to remain silent and mysterious – you’re still a kick ass chick, just one who would rather launch a sneak attack than stand out in the open, taking the heavy fire. It takes all kinds!

    Our handgrip brings an attractive, yet highly elegant lacy mandala design which pretty often gets confused for cute and dainty – it’s just not true. This hand guard has the strength of a thousand women (that’s equal to fifteen thousand men), and it’s crafted from 6061 t6 aluminum. It even has a smaller diameter than the typical AR 15 handguard, making it perfect for women of all sizes.

    Don’t forget to equip your AR-15 with some accessories by purchasing our picatinny rail (sold separately) that easily mounts to our handguard. Go ahead and add that scope for your next big hunting trip, or some precision 3 Gun competition on the range. You’re one badass woman who knows how to wear heels AND shoot straight – don’t let the men forget it. Place your order for an OffHand Gear Mandala Lotus AR15 Hand Guard today!

    • Available in 3 sizes, 9", 12" and 15"
    • Weight in raw - 5.6oz, 7.0oz and 8.4oz
    • Free float design
    • Smaller diameter fits smaller hands better (2" exterior / 1.75" interior)
    • Beveled edges makes for a smooth finish, rings and gloves don't hang up on.
    • Made from 6061 t6 aluminum
    • Includes AR15 barrel nut and mounting screws
    • Pre-drilled and tapped on both top and bottom. Picatinny / tac rail available (sold separately)
    • CeraKote brand color coating. Comes in black as a stocked color. For other CeraKote color please see color chart and include color name and number in your order notes. (Please allow additional time for this option).
    • Please note that a low profile gas tube will be necessary for installation.
    • AR10 barrel nut and mounting screws available as an upgrade
    • MOE Duo currently not available in Blackberry Pearl color


    Don't see the color or size you were looking for?  Contact us for lead time information

    Common Questions:

    "Is there a warranty on the hand guard?"

              Yes - Lifetime Warranty

    "Do I have to use a low profile gas block?"

              Yes, any low profile gas block will work though.

    "Do I need any special tools to install this onto my rifle?"

              No, you can use any standard armorer's wrench to install the hand guard.

    "Will this fit my AK47?"

              No, unfortunately it wont :(  Not to say we might have that available one day, but right now sorry to say it is not.

    "I want to mount a scope on my AR, can I do that?"

              Yes, you can with the use of our tactical rail pieces.  These are designed specifically to work with smaller radius of our hand guards.  You can shop the tac rail options here.

    "Will this fit on my Airsoft rifle?"

              Yes, if your Airsoft rifle has a standard mil spec threaded upper - Mil spec standard is 1.250" x 18 tpi.

  • Product Reviews


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    1. Mandala Lotus 12" handguard

      The handguard I've purchased arrived quickly through mail after it was cerekoted. It is very easy to install onto my upper reciever. Fits over my .223 wylde barrel, low profile gas block and gas tube perfectly!
      Customer service is top notch. I will definitely be ordering more unique gun accessories from OFF HAND GEAR.
      on Jun 17th 2018

  • Installation

    Handguard Mounting Instructions and Tips:

    Before mounting handguard insure your receiver is mil-spec. If not, confirm fit of parts before beginning mounting instructions. Some non mil-spec receivers require barrel nut to be backed away from the upper receiver to allow clearance of over sized front lugs.

    Step: 1) Once you have the old free float-tube and/or barrel nut removed, clean any grease or oil from the threads of the upper receiver extension.

    Step: 2) This step is optional to allow easier installment of handguard. LocTite® is not required for installation of handguard. Apply a drop or two of blue LocTite® to the receiver threads and screw the large aluminum barrel-nut on until it stops, then back it off until the gas tube holes line up.

    Step: 3) Insert the barrel and slide the steel castle bolt over the barrel and thread it into the aluminum barrel-nut; now, use a .184″ or 3/16″ bit or punch to to keep the gas tube holes aligned .

    Step 4) With the punch inserted in the gas tube holes turn the steel castle bolt by hand until you get a good, solid hand-tight alignment with the barrel-nut and receiver. Once you have the two aligned, let it set for a 2-24 hours. After the blue LocTite® has cured between the barrel-nut and receiver, the steel insert and barrel can be removed.

    Step 5) For final assembly insert the barrel, thread the steel castle bolt into the barrel-nut and once it is finger tight. Optional: Then back it off three or four turns and place a drop of blue LocTite® on the threads of the steel insert, right where it becomes visible out of the barrel-nut.

    Step 6) Now torque the steel insert down to desired torque (according to your rifle manufacturer’s specifications). This can all be accomplished with or without the use of punch in the gas tube but the barrel-nut can move while you are torquing the steel castle nut, and then you will have to loosen it up and re-time it. We recommend using the punch to insure proper timing.

    Step 7) Once you have installed the gas tube, slide the handguard onto the barrel nut and aligned the 6 radial holes with the corresponding holes in the barrel-nut. Now the 6 countersunk screws can be installed. Tighten until snug. DO NOT over tighten. Stripped screws are not covered by the warranty.

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