Kryptek Typhon NORB Messenger Range Bag is the perfect shooting range bag for all your gear and even your laptop computer.  Carry 2 pistols, ammo and all the other gun girl gear you need all in one bag.

NORB (No Ordinary Range Bag) - in Kryptek / Typhon Fabric

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    It seems you’ve been living two lives. In one, you’re a successful urban boss babe with lots to do and people to see. In the other, you’re a badass range boss babe who loves to pound brass and take names with the best of them. Surprise: both of these lives have a future. If you’re like the rest of us then you know that carrying two bags to the range is a pain in the ass! You keep your money and ID in one, and the rest of your gear in the other. When you get to the range, finding space for both of your bags is a nightmare, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could cut it down to just one? It almost seems as if you’re going to be stuck in this nightmare forever – but wait. NORB is here to Help!

    Most bags make you choose, one or the other, but our NORB (No Ordinary Range Bag) is specifically designed to support your double life while taking on the weight of the world (or just the weight of your gear). It has several extra areas to store your wallet, your makeup, and anything else that isn’t going to come out of the business end of a rifle while you’re aimed downrange. Today, you only need one bag, so you can transform from that professional badass babe to the rugged, but still feminine babe we all know you to be. Treat yourself to a NORB bad today! Order now!


    • USA Made Quality
    • KryptekTM Fabric (500 Denier Cordura utilizes durability and water resistance)
    • Box bottom stands up while taking items out.
    • Heavy, handbag style hardware
    • Exterior ambidextrous zipper for ability to reach gun and other items without opening flap from left or right side.
    • Rifle Sling inspired cross body/shoulder strap is thinner and stays on your shoulder (18" drop)
    • Slip-Not interior fabric is a unique fabric that offers a non-skid surface in both wet and dry for range pad use
    • Mesh pocket phone holder
    • Elastic Mag Holder for 2 magazines, Single or Double Stack
    • 2 sided zipper pouch makes access easy to accommodate makeup, hair ties or keys
    • Large interior pocket will hold 4+ boxes of ammo, eye and ear protection, cleaning supplies and many other items. (see video below of what I carry in mine)
    • 2 pouches for full size pistols or pistol and large wallet with exterior access to both pouches
    • Exterior dimensions: 12" tall, 14" wide, 3" deep


    Range photo provided by TacTissy

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    1. Amazing Bag

      This is so cute and functional and it doesn't look like I am carrying. I will totally rock this around town and to the gun range with style! on Jul 19th 2018

    2. Bad @ss NORB is AWESOME

      A friend of mine bought one for his wife and told me it's been her favorite CCW bag for a few years now (she uses it as a purse). I'd been wanting one for a while so I finally gifted myself one :)
      Now I can see why it's been her fave. The material is heavy duty. It won't wear out quickly like other bags I've had.
      The strap is super comfortable and the bag bounces with me instead of cutting into my shoulder.
      I'll be using the NORB a lot and may need to purchase another just because I had a hard time choosing between the awesome designs.
      Super happy that it's made in the USA!!!
      on Feb 14th 2017

    3. Hands down best range bag!

      I've been using the Norb for four years. It is hands down the best range bag you'll find. You can pack the bag to the max and you won't feel the weight with it on your shoulder. The design of Norb makes the normal weight pull of the strap disappear. It has a built in gun mat in the flap of the range bag. Along with nifty zip up pockets for your essential range items. Your guns fit snuggly in a gun-pocket designed for them with or without their holsters. There is a ton of room to pack everything you need in it neatly. My Norb still looks new because of the durability of the bag material. Your definitely missing out not having a Norb! on Dec 19th 2016

    4. Best purchase I've ever made!

      This seriously is no ordinary range bag! What a great product for women going to the range or carrying. This bag has a ton of thought put into it with the different pockets and zipper compartments. The quality of the fabric is thick and great quality. I will continue to perchase from them knowing how amazing their product is. Very happy camper! on Dec 18th 2016

    5. The Last Range Bag You'll Ever Carry

      When I write; "The Last Range Bag You'll Ever Carry", like the statement from "Men In Black" "The Last Suit You'll Ever Wear", That sums it up.

      This range bag can carry a small armory! Two handguns, one to keep and one to share ... two boxes of 20 rds. again, one to keep and one to share. Extra magazines ... and If you pack it right, a cleaning kit for the guns, and in general, enough armament to stave off the bad guy, (or guys) in a raging firefight. Get It?!

      There is room for anything else that is not superfluous junk and trash. Whatever a lady needs to carry for her day at work, out shopping, to dinner etc.

      If there was a good layer of kevlar inside both sides, it is sufficiently large to hide behind and use like a vest with bullet-proof plates. Hmmmm ... ?

      The material pattern is such that it adds to the bag and will go with any color of clothing. A patterned black works well with anything.

      If you are used to carrying a small, clutch type purse like the Martian dressed in the pretty girl costume (hooker), in the movie, " Mars Attacks," you better get ready for a whole new look. This "range bag" will expand your horizons of carrying a purse.

      So, if you are a serious concealed carry girl, this is the item for you.
      on Apr 24th 2016

    6. LOVE MY BAG

      This range bag is functional, feminine and sexy in comparison to those other big, bulky masculine bags. This bag holds my ear protection, 2 boxes of ammo, weapon, extra magazines, etc and this bag is not huge. Looks like a messenger bag and the bungee cord is quite comfy. on Apr 4th 2016

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    NORB (No Ordinary Range Bag) by OffHand Gear - What's in there?

    In this video we are going to show you just how much you can fit in the NORB - No Ordinary Range Bag. Everything needed all in one bag - Phone, extra magazines, makeup, keys, large wallet, pistol, eye protection, ear protection, uplula, 4 boxes of ammo
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