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AR 15 Hand Guards

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  • QD Quick Detatch QD Shown mounted

    QD - Quick Detatch Base Hand Guard Accessory


    Now attaching a sling to your OffHand Gear hand guard is simple and easy with our quick detach base that mounts directly to the hand guard using one of the pre-drilled holes on the top or bottom of the hand guard.  You won't need a picatinny rail to...

  • Spike End Sproket Spike End

    Spike Sprocket End Cap


    Your hand guard may have a feminine touch to it, but don't let them be fooled.. Give your OffHand Gear hand guard a mean, bad ass look with our Spike Sprocket end cap designed to fit perfectly with any our hand guards.  Cap comes with set screws...

  • Swivel Stud Hand Guard Accessory

    Swivel Stud Hand Guard Accessory


     Looking to attach your sling to your hand guard and get a little swivel action too?  This Swivel stud is just the ticket to make that happen without the need of any picatinny rail.  Comes with two crush washers.